Privacy Policy

Purpose and Basis

The primary objective of this Privacy Policy is to outline the collection, use, and protection of personal information. It defines how we gather and safeguard data to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of user information while preventing its misuse or unauthorized access.


Throughout this agreement, terminologies such as "we," "us," or "our" pertain to Local BFIC, the Platform facilitating digital asset services. "You" or "User" represents individuals engaging with our services.

Definition and Interpretation

Personal Information: Refers to any data, electronic or otherwise, that identifies or reflects a person's behaviour. This includes information considered sensitive or critical to an individual's identity and activities.

Sensitive Personal Information: Encompasses crucial data like identity documents, biometric records, transaction history, or any information deemed confidential.

Deletion of Personal Information: The process of removing data from our systems to prevent unauthorized access or retrieval, ensuring user privacy and data security.

Scope of Application

This agreement is applicable to all Users accessing the Local BFIC Global website and APP. It abides by regional personal data protection laws and regulations, ensuring compliance across various jurisdictions.


References to laws or regulations within this agreement denote the most recent amended versions, regardless of the signing date of this Privacy Policy.


The inclusion of headings within this agreement is for the convenience of the reader and does not serve as a means for interpreting the terms therein.

Use of the term "include"

The term "include" implies an encompassing meaning unless specifically stated otherwise within the context of this agreement.

User Consent and Authorization

By accessing the platform and logging in, Users explicitly express their acceptance and consent to voluntarily disclose personal data. Users also agree to abide by the terms of service, consent to potential future amendments, and agree to receive communications from the platform.

Information Collected

Local BFIC may utilize various technologies, including cookies, to track user actions and collect specific data. This may include personal identification information, financial details, transaction specifics, device information, and more, aimed at improving user experiences and services.

Application and Usage of Information Permission

Certain features or functionalities may require users to grant specific permissions. These permissions can be revoked or modified via device settings, ensuring users maintain control over their data access permissions.

Supply of Information

During registration and engagement with our services, Users provide identity and service-related information necessary for account creation, registration, communication, and service delivery purposes.

Changes in the Method of Information Collection

Additional information may be collected as necessary to enhance platform functionality, comply with evolving laws, regulations, or court orders, ensuring continued legal and operational compliance.

Third-party Websites

Links to third-party websites or services on our platform are governed by separate privacy policies. Users accessing these links agree to abide by the policies outlined by these third-party sites. Local BFIC holds no responsibility for the activities or content on these external websites or services.

Installation of Cookies

Cookies are used to track user activities and browsing habits without accessing personal data. Users retain the option to disable cookies through browser settings; however, this action may limit certain features or functionalities on the platform.

Function of Cookies

Cookies primarily capture browsing patterns and behaviors anonymously. This anonymous data helps in improving platform services, enhancing user experiences, and optimizing services. Importantly, cookies do not access or compromise personal data.

Disabling Cookies

While users have the option to disable cookies, it's essential to note that doing so may restrict access to certain platform features or services that rely on cookie-enabled functionalities. However, such actions will not interfere with unrelated platform functions.

Use of Information

The information collected by Local BFIC is utilized for various purposes, including service provision, identity verification, service improvement, data analysis for government cooperation, personalization of experiences, and more. The data is instrumental in enhancing user experiences and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Information Disclosure to Third Parties

Local BFIC does not engage in the sale or transfer of user information. However, in specific instances, trusted third parties may have access to certain user information for purposes of platform operation, legal compliance, or rights protection, always abiding by legal requirements and regulations.

Protection of Personal Data

The platform employs a combination of physical, electronic, and technical measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of user information.

Deletion of Personal Information

In the event of account deletion, Local BFIC retains personal data for a stipulated period, generally one year, for regulatory compliance or investigations before complete deletion from our systems. This retention period ensures compliance with legal obligations and enables thorough investigations if required.

Reporting of Flaws

Users are encouraged to report any security flaws or vulnerabilities they encounter on the platform for immediate remediation and action by our technical team. This proactive approach helps maintain the platform's security and integrity.


While Local BFIC implements robust security measures to safeguard user data, absolute security over transmitted information cannot be guaranteed. Users are encouraged to practice safe and secure online behaviours and report any suspicious activities or vulnerabilities encountered on the platform.

Amendment of this Agreement

Local BFIC reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy as deemed necessary. Users are advised to regularly review updates or amendments to remain informed about the latest policy changes.

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