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With a proven track record and a mature approach to the industry, we provide a reliable buying platform for cryptocurrencies.

Real Time alert keep you informed of every trade development. Tailor trading interface for personalized and efficient transactions. Effortlessly manage your portfolio with performance analytics. Access a vast array of payment options for seamless transactions. A unique system ensuring reliable traders for secure transactions.



With a proven track record and a mature approach to the industry, we provide a reliable buying platform for cryptocurrencies.


P2P Exchange

Our Trust-Centric approach has unmatched security, financial stability and legal adherence. Embracing genuine Peer-to-Peer trading, Local BFIC upholds cryptocurrency's Original vision.

Diverse Payments

Buy or sell crypto hassle-free with numerous payment options, ensuring seamless transactions tailored to your preferences.

Direct Trading

Safeguarded by escrow, trade directly with real individuals, eliminating middlemen for a secure and transparent experience.

Swift Transactions

Complete trades within minutes at minimal fees, providing unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness compared to industry leaders.

Legal Compliance

Certified and legally operational, ensuring a safe and lawful environment for all transactions and activities.

Reliable Security

Trusted by a vast user base, constantly enhancing security measures to minimize risks and fortify the platform's integrity.

User-Friendly Interface

Easily accessible and user-friendly interface, simplifying login and configuration processes for all users convenience.

Frequently Asked


Explore commonly asked queries regarding trading, security, payments and more. Find answers to your concerns for a seamless trading experience.

Escrow security within Local BFIC reserves the seller's crypto, enabling support intervention if funds are misappropriated, ensuring safe transactions for both parties.

BFIC is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system, operating without a central authority, offering digital cash-like transactions via consensus among users.

As a Local BFIC vendor, users set their rates, enjoying a peer-to-peer marketplace to purchase BFIC directly from over 3 million global users.

As a Local BFIC vendor, confirm payment reception before releasing BFIC from escrow, utilizing over 20 payment methods for a secure selling experience.

Local BFIC prioritizes user autonomy, offering a diverse range of payment options and fostering direct trades among users.

Transaction speed varies based on the payment method chosen however, the majority are completed within minutes.



Discover firsthand experiences from our valued clients, sharing insights into their journey and satisfaction with our services and support.

Jennifer Park

Local BFIC's reliability and commitment to security are unparalleled. It's my go-to platform for hassle-free crypto transactions.

Alex Thompson

Using Local BFIC has elevated my trading game. Their legal compliance and swift transactions make it a preferred choice.

Emily Chen

Local BFIC's user-centric design and diverse payment options have transformed my crypto experience. Trustworthy and efficient!

David Clark

Impressed by Local BFIC's commitment to security. As a trader, the direct peer-to-peer approach is invaluable in this industry.

Sarah Johnson

Local BFIC's intuitive platform and secure escrow have made my crypto trading seamless and worry-free. A game-changer indeed!

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